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We pride ourselves on being innovators in the industry and boast numerous patents on highly advanced and efficient humidifier designs. The latest INTAC® Microprocessor Controller is just such an example of this.
  • Full communication compatibility with Modbus, BACnet and LonTalk building automation systems
  • SCRmod trim plus stage control
  • Auto drain can now be set to drain based on accumulated time, elapsed time, or by an externally triggered switch actuated by a real time clock
  • The control input now has an adjustable input filter to smooth-out a noisy input signal
  • Increased safety features
PURE Humidifier has been providing quality humidification products for industrial and commercial applications for 24 years. Our versatile, efficient and reliable Steam Injection, Steam Heat Exchanger, Electric and Gas Fired Humidifiers, backed by exceptional customer service, guarantees your satisfaction. Choose from our complete line of easy-to-install, low-maintenance humidifiers and accessories for optimal air quality and relative humidity control for your unique environment.
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